Saboteur! remake by Clive Townsend

CJ Lines strikes again! Read his excellent reviews of The best and worst of 80s ninja videogames and see if Saboteur gets a mention ;-)

Part review and part thesis! A translation of Zdenek Šimek's exploration into the Travelling Salesman problem and how he used it to beat Saboteur II.

A sneak peek at the remake of Saboteur! and lots more ninjas! A new talent in the retro-review world, and very knowledgeable about old games and martial arts too! Spanish with English subtitles.

First review of Saboteur II, and another 9 out of 10 :-) Many thanks again to Old Machinery for actually taking the time to thoroughly investigate the game, yet not give too many secrets away!

It's great to see people appreciating that the remake is 7 times bigger with extra plot, maps, gameplay, and graphics! Many thanks for the review Old Machinery!

Courtesy of Zeusdaz - the first sneak-peek of the extended map and gameplay in the Saboteur remake! The game is played in ZX Spectrum mode at medium speed, and gives a hint of things to come...

The very first review of the Saboteur Remake, showing some of the expanded map and new graphics.

Many thanks to Zdeněk Šimek for discovering this old Slovakian magazine (1992) with articles and maps for the Saboteur games!
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