One of the most successful action games in 1986 was SABOTEUR! So it is only logical that the author Clive Townsend has returned to this subject soon, and in mid-1987 he completed the sequel of this game called Saboteur 2. And for variety, in the sequel the rough man is replaced by a fragile female saboteur.

Controlling the game and using energy, time, and the weapons and objects that are in the vicinity are similar to the first game, so those who played the first part should get used to it quickly.

This part of the game takes place in a huge complex of buildings containing several hundred rooms. Underneath the entire complex there is an extensive underground corridor system. A detailed guide would probably require a small book. Therefore, we will confine ourselves to several useful tips that should help saboteurs successfully complete their mission.

This time we reach the enemy by air, using a hang glider. It is possible to jump from the glider at any time, or it is possible to wait and the saboteur jumps automatically in a convenient place. The whole complex is guarded by cautious guardians, who look like giants compared to a female saboteur. Some of them are armed with a flamethrower, others are accompanied by trained pumas. But everyone is well-versed in karate, which you can see in close combat.

The saboteur, even though she is a fragile woman, is of course not defenseless either. She is specially trained in marauding work and besides controlling all kinds of eastern martial arts, she is ready to use any item as a weapon. These items can be found in different boxes that are uncharted in the complex. It is a dagger that can be used to destroy the enemy, but we can also use innocent things like iron pipes and spannersat first glance. These objects can be used by throwing them into the enemy. It is important, from what distance and from what angle we throw the object.

If we can manage the guard well, we will disable it on the first hit. Otherwise, we just damage him and then have to come to the word of the fist. The most dangerous are men with a flamethrower. If they hit us fully, it usually ends with our death. Therefore, it is best to disable them from a distance by throwing an object, or fight in close quarters, when they can no longer use the flame thrower. The pumas are also very dangerous. They can be disposed of just like the guards by precise throwing of objects remotely, but a more effective weapon against them is a series of well-aimed low kicks from the floor.

It is possible to hide on a ladder from the enemy or (on the middle of the complex) to climb a tree. The complex also has lifts in three places. These lifts can only be taken from the lowest floor to the top, or vice versa. The elevator can not be stopped at the intersections. Above the free space in the center of the complex is a stretched rope, which ends on the side of a steel pylon. With it we can shorten our way and walk around the guards. But be careful! Walking on the rope must be smooth and continuous. If the saboteur just stops for a while, she loses her balance and falls off.

A fall from multiple heights usually ends with death. The underground system also houses rooms that are flooded with water. Some can be crossed so that the saboteur just sticks over the water. In some rooms, however, the water is so deep that it is necessary to swim. Underground bats are found in several places. Their attacks on the head of the saboteur also take energy. Bats are impossible to destroy, they can only be dodged when the saboteur kneels.
The complex also features a rocket launchpad and a control panel from which an electric fence is switched on or off to prevent unwanted visitors from penetrating the complex or escaping from it.

And what is our mission? This changes and alters the difficulty at different levels of play. In the first level, you just need to find a motorcycle in the underground and break through an electric fence that is off. In the other levels, you need to find perforated paper computer tapes and turn off the electric fence. The number of tapes increases with the level number. The hardest is the last ninth level. You need to find all 14 parts of the tape, turn off the electric fence and run off with the motorcycle. And all this must be done within the time limit.

For those who think lower levels are too weak for them, there are input codes to all nine levels. There is no need to enter one for the first level, just press the ENTER key.


And finally, there's a treat for you. If you are squatting behind a pile of boxes in one of the rooms in the upper left corner of the complex, you will find the entrance to the secret room. In it is a miraculous glowing chest. If you get behind it, the saboteur will get immortality. However, even now fulfilling the mission will not be a piece of cake because the time still flows inexorably...




Kindly translated by Zdeněk Šimek