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UK-based supplier of used retro games & classic video games consoles.
Probably the UK's most popular retro console games retailer.


Prevent Ninjas sneaking into your house and disguising themselves as your fridge.
Simply mark your actual fridge with Saboteur! fridge magnets from Can of Worms!


Moby Games catalogs video games both past and present. This includes over 200 gaming platforms (arcade, consoles, computers, social networking sites, handheld game systems, and mobile phones) and over 100,000 games, spanning over 40 years.

See more at Moby Games.

The essential site for all things Speccy. Software and hardware info, reviews and more...


I've found the most amazing blog for all things Ninja!
Detailed reviews for Ninja films, games, and more.

As Sho Kosugi would say - If he didn't visit Ninjas All The Way Down... He IS NO NINJA!

Bizarre, irreverent, and surreal.

You MUST watch the reviews by George at Funkyspectrum.

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Imagine buying a Michelangelo sculpture before he was famous...
Now's your chance!
These incredible Tributes are hand-made and destined to become collector items.
See more at Rob's Retro Game Tributes

What a brilliant idea for a game!

Bask in the glory of the SID chip with the

Back In Time Symphonic Collection

Feeling a bit Retro? Check out the Visiting > What's On page at

Ready for some nostalgic graphics and amazing chip-choon music?

Check out Sam Dyer's new book kickstarter, including stickers, T-shirts, and C-jeff's ZX Remix CD.

Find out more about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium

Sinclair 4 Sale is a place to come and sell or trade any of your Spectrum related games or hardware.
Find them on

How awesome is this!!!!
The Speccy lives again, as a USB conversion for you to play the old classic 8bit games.
This conversion allows your existing ZX Spectrum to be converted to a Standard USB Keyboard
giving you access to Spectrum Emulators on your PC, Phone, PS4, Tablet etc.
If, like me, you miss your dead-flesh keyboard, you can order one from

Retro Gamer magazine - the only magazine in the UK that's
fully dedicated to the halcyon days of classic gaming.

What an amazing idea! The ultimate test for new (and old) game makers!

Brilliant pixel art, and actual gameplay! Help get this game funded!

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