Saboteur! remake by Clive Townsend

Feb. 2021

How I brought my +3 disk drive back to life.

(And taught it to like tapes again too)

Sept. 2020


Translation of the original Spanish article
by Jesús Martinez del Vas.

Retro Gamer (Spain) Issue 34

September 2020
Interviewed by Daniel John for!
May 2019

Pixel Heaven
Warsaw, Poland

With Andrew Hewson, Michael Montgomery,
Jon Hare, Jim Bagley, Gary Bracey, Simon Butler,
Andrew Barnabas, Mike Clarke
and David John Pleasance.

June 2018

Pixel Heaven
Warsaw, Poland

Podcast at Nerdy Noca

February 2018

Spectrum Next Panel
Play Expo Blackpool 2018

With Mike Dailly, The Oliver Twins, and Jim Bagley

December 3rd 2015

Saboteur launches online with browser-based versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Edge.

Christmas 2015

It's an early xmas in Saboteur land - celebrated with the
Sinclair ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium, by Sam Dyer.

Find out more HERE
Or buy the book from FUNSTOCK

A veritable cornucopia
of pixelly excellence!
November 27th 2015

Awesome 6-page article
by Rory Milne in
Retro Gamer.

Christmas 2014

Just received my copy of Chris Wilkins' superb new book, featuring many of the games which made the Spectrum legendary.

Find out more on FACEBOOK
Or buy the book from AMAZON

A Crash Smash if you ask me!

Retro Revival 2014 was awesome.

Met lots of Saboteur fans and was fortunate enough to meet some of my idols, such as John Romero and Oliver Frey.

Many thanks to Steve Iles and Chris Wilkins for making it possible.
Christmas 1985

Saboteur! is released and awarded a Crash Smash.

The following issue of Crash features an article on Durell.
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