Saboteur! remake by Clive Townsend

If you're already signed up to Saboteur! your login info will unlock the demo and turn it into the full game.

To download Saboteur! remake online instead, click HERE

Saboteur! Remake Download


This demo has a time limit - you can only play the mission for a few minutes.
You can't upload your scores or best times, and you can't save your checkpoints to the Saboteur Server.

You may be able to complete the original 8-bit game on the easier levels - but that's only a small part of the full Saboteur story...

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Saboteur! download for Linux
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Saboteur! download for Android
Saboteur! remake online UNLOCK THE FULL PLAYABLE GAME IN ALL FORMATS! Only £2.99

This is the only authentic version of Saboteur! - with extended map, gameplay, graphics, and plot - all by Clive Townsend. Find out what happened to the ninja after the story in the original 8-bit Saboteur!

To unlock Saboteur! you will need to Sign Up to the Saboteur Server.
This will give you access to the Downloaded, Online, AND Mobile version.
If you don't have a login Username and Password, visit the Sign Up page.

What's in the full version of Saboteur?

Saboteur Remake online Saboteur Remake original Saboteur Remake story
Store your progress online. Upload your best scores and times.
Play the original on all difficulty levels.
Learn the full Saboteur story.
Saboteur Remake sparks Saboteur Remake guards Saboteur Remake gas
Face new challenges!
Explore new areas!
Get into more trouble!
Saboteur Remake lab Saboteur Remake arcade Saboteur Remake reception
Play with dangerous chemicals!
Relax in the Retro Arcade!
Admire the slimline 80s monitors!

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